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Jul 27, 2009

You know how some times of year (mostly Spring here in Texas) it seems everything is blooming and then other times there is not a bloom in sight? Why not enhance your landscape a bit if you are entertaining outdoors during the bloomless season?

Try soaking two Iglu foam holders in floral preservative and then wiring them back to back with the small branch of a shrub between them. Iglu holders are available in 2 sizes (regular or Grande) and can be purchased from a florist or online here.


IGLU Holder                                                                       Iglu foam holders


Add flowers to create “pseudo” blooms anytime of year. We used pale green hydrangeas, ‘Snowy Jewel’ roses, hypericum berries and wine colored cottage yarrow on the Yaupon branches, below.



Using the same idea, you can also try cutting a large branching limb from a small tree or shrub and cementing the limb in a planter or other deep container for use as a centerpiece. Make sure the container is deep enough to keep the limb from being top heavy. Fruit and moss can be helpful for disguising the cement base.





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