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Dogwood Care + Conditioning

Jun 12, 2020

Pink dogwood branches available for sale at Mayesh Wholesale

Mayesh Wholesale | Mayesh LAX


  • Recut stem by making 2-3 vertical cuts or an X shape at the bottom of the stem to increase surface area for hydration
  • Treat with Quick Dip 100 instant hydrating treatment to increase water uptake
  • Place stems in bucket of fresh water
  • Hold in room temperature water with for 1-2 hours before placing in cooler or designing
  • May be placed in a cooler for storage
  • Watch water level closely and add as needed


  • 7-10 days

White compote bowl holding a mostly pink arrangement of dogwood, anemones and ranunculus


Urn of white dogwood and narcissus

Cultivated by Christin

Bride in white gown holding a bridal bouquet of latte colored roses and white dogwood

Studio Mondine | Workshop INTMSTSally Pinera Photograher + Jon Cu Photographer | Jessica Sloane

Pineapple Petals Studio

Bare Root Flora | Callie Hobbs Photography

Oak & Amble | Czar Goss Photographer | Torn and Tied

Karin Woodward | Seventh Hand Farm

Kate Holt Creative | Corbin Gurkin Photography | Easton Events

Everbloom Design

Max Gill Design

Seventh Stem

Max Gill Design | Eric VanderMolen

Bride holding a bridal bouquet of pink double tulips, greenery, and white dogwood

Oak & Amble | Czar Goss Photographer | Torn and Tied

Bridal bouquet of pink peonies, blush ranunculus, and dogwood blooms

Rosewood Floral Co

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