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Centaurea (Blue Cornflower)

May 15, 2012

We had our first Centaurea crop this spring…loved the vivid blue color.


Thought we should explore some ways to use it in design work…

MARK & KATHY FLOWERS-10 spriggs florist

MARK & KATHY FLOWERS-2 spriggs florist

MARK & KATHY FLOWERS-6 spriggs florist

MARK & KATHY FLOWERS-14 spriggs florist

MARK & KATHY FLOWERS-48 spriggs florist

images via Spriggs Florist 

cornflower 305559_404375046261224_107142992651099_1237432_1286904743_nn love n fresh

centaurea 534255_409344685764260_107142992651099_1255004_1666027915_n love n fresh

centaurea 545606_409344719097590_107142992651099_1255005_2117296650_n love n fresh

images above via Love n’ Fresh Flowers

Have you used Centaurea? I’ve talked with quite a few designers who aren’t familiar with this flower and a few others that don’t really care for it because it’s small and not very “showy”. I like it mainly for the color…what do you you think of it?



  1. Jen says:

    Gorgeous color and fun bristly texture. I think it looks terrific in the bouquets. The tomboy among the girly girls.

  2. I have added it back into the flowers i grow because so many brides want wildflowers and it is a great fit. Not to mention the blue color, great around 4th of July. It also come in the colors black, white and pink. If you stick it in hydrater and let it take a long drink of water it will last out of water for a couple days. I love the hairpiece.

  3. Love Bachelor’s Buttons! They are one of the first flowers I vividly remember picking when I was about 3. It’s a very short season flower to grow in central California. Lovely images of great designs.

  4. Terri says:

    I know it as “Bachelor’s Button” and love it for the color!

  5. Heiress Emma says:

    I used cornflower just last week in a lovely bouquet (that I forgot to take photos of! Gah!) alongside hyacinth, bouvardia, and deep purple sweet peas. It was lovely. I give it two thumbs up 🙂


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