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Boots & Flowers, Y’all!

Dec 20, 2011

199 our labor of love by heidi

image via Our Labor of Love by Heidi

07030019 dellables

image via Dellables

BNICK08 millie holloman photo

image via Millie Holloman Photography

cowboy bret cole photo

image via Bret Cole Photography

dandayna_051 matthew morgan photo

image via Matthew Morgan Photography

Doughty_W_247 courtenay lambert florals

image via Courtenay Lambert Florals

get-attachment.aspx 3 cs (chicago) interiors magazine

image Interiors Magazine

I_do_redo-188 birch blooms

image via Birch Blooms

IMG_5194 bloomersflowers.blogspot

image via Bloomers Flowers and Gideon Photography

Justin and Holly's Wedding 133 sweet pea floral design

image via Sweet Pea Floral Design

SarahSteve_058 birch blooms

image via Birch Blooms

Happy Tuesday!




  1. Anonymous says:

    my favorite post EVER!

  2. Being from Texas, you must love this trend!!!

  3. Cute! I’m surprised I haven’t seen more of this trend in Nashville…

  4. Botanique says:

    So funny you should post this… I am working right now on a design for a wedding that involves flowers in cowboy boots!


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