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Best Bouquets + The Arm: Part 4

Aug 12, 2014

It all started with this post

arm natural beauties floral 10338297_10152567789449334_7149366199042485725_n (1)

Natural Beauties Floral

arm meg catherine flowers 10494742_560388030740029_7200163703745453451_n

Meg Catherine Flowers 

arm twigs floral design cd 10427358_601166333330122_2223014361195503946_n

Twigs Floral Design

arm nine blooms 10376825_10152130406866712_3687831158713975414_n

Nine Blooms

arm posey floral and evnet design 10489925_10152288911978871_1538029078957130341_n


arm blush and bloom 1554475_708470559198741_5595545015423499186_n

Blush & Bloom

arm tulipina 10294301_788622371149597_8111782856653795514_n


arm 1379711_10152113867578871_865069597_n posey floral an event design

Posey (oh look, a body!)

arm 'collaboration' ponderosa and thyme 10372091_10152598642729154_2453873140014710268_n

And…TWO arms…from Ponderosa & Thyme…entitled ‘collaboration’…



  1. Candice says:

    Absolutely stunning and inspirational!!!


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