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Best Bouquets + The Arm: Part 3

Jun 30, 2014

Time for another installment of what has evolved from a lighthearted post to make you smile to a solid Botanical Brouhaha favorite feature!

arm sweet woodruff 10405568_699023070160719_2514105693890767625_n

Sweet Woodruff

arm amanda taffinder 10288782_305124212985868_8822399739163217703_n (1)

Amanda Taffinder Flowers

arm three sisters 10341948_10152097259366570_2991669994920001994_n

Three Sisters

arm fat cat flowers 10366188_725408980831560_1472345937822503458_n

Fat Cat Flowers

arm 'this is one tired but happy arm' passionflower 10420124_758059977579315_8853647829817058992_n

Passionflower (“this is one tired but happy arm”)

arm tulipina 10343662_805166016161899_5866409063016178521_n


arm stacy k floral 10430835_10203945051016349_4184315493839696918_n

Stacy K Floral

arm isibeal studio autumn keller 10427290_689156917816131_8750883184224252502_n

Isibeal Studio

arm blush and bloom 10320560_705454922833638_4834453129782605627_n

Blush and Bloom

arm glorious twelve 10171155_732883050095681_6694142132225266804_n

Glorious Twelve

arm holly chapple and  Abby Jiu Photography 5376462550342$!400x

Holly Heider Chapple Flowers and Abby Jiu Photography

arm bows and arrows 10372013_10152466796495522_7880911981195707483_n

 Bows and Arrows

arm fern studio floral & event design 10308095_528408727270482_3090102367787399366_n

Fern Studio Floral & Event Design

arm sullivan owen 10306749_795510827128077_7057452619043542983_n

Sullivan Owen

arm on a limb floral designs 10246780_716558601723315_5005255450092470024_n

On a Limb Floral Studio

arm posey floral and event design 10173736_10152171891398871_780889430563817332_n


arm  Studio Castillero photo and root 75 industrial_woodland_039

Root 75 and Studio Castillero

arm 996607_10151849418119144_771845576_n tulip


arm 1045057_10151559452184537_2013310199_n fleur


Hey look…this one has TWO arms!

arm  blush and bloom 10473192_715143661864764_8604503215636479899_n

Blush & Bloom

Happy Monday!




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