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Beautiful Bouts

Nov 8, 2012

150101_477375682294493_1531018488_n love n fresh

578239_404375012927894_107142992651099_1237431_1851901617_n love n fresh

images above via Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

181901_10150133832220498_7834359_n lush couture floral design

427074_10150632193715498_1197841160_n lush couture floral design and john christopher photo

images above via Lush Couture Floral 

206836_10150141021581165_1663413_n sasha souza'

image via Sasha Souza 

253095_355738861175988_2083679802_n the blue carrot

image via The Blue Carrot 

404864_301876209849606_1966629989_n  ladybird poppy floral design

image via Ladybird Poppy Floral Design and Emily Elizabeth Photography 

430226_485896508089475_1963705492_n clare day flowers

blueandgreen880x550-5 clare day flowers

images above via Clare Day Flowers 

539524_10151277653752625_810889408_n valley flower company

6163804644_550d4efb94_z valley flower company blogspot

image via Valley Flower Company 

559951_393536830658213_2121987382_n  calie rose

image via Calie Rose 

1342909782272-ZZPT1L44ZCXJ4KJ4B6YO-750w pollen floral art

image via Pollen Floral Art 

bout art with nature

image via Art with Nature 

boutonniere blush floral studio and carla ten eyke photo

image via Blush Floral Design and Carla Ten Eyck Photography

Divine Floreal  mini succulent, reindeer moss, gysophila, galax leaf and variegated lily grass

image via Divine Floreal 

DSC_0018 (1) rebecca shepherd floral design

DSC_0110  rebecca shepherd floral design

images above via Rebecca Shepherd Floral Design 

dsc_4976 jacqueline ahne

image via Jacqueline Ahne 

DSCN5695 botanique

image via Botanique 

Happy Thursday!




  1. Botanique says:

    Thanks for the inclusion! I love the photo (and the bouts) from Calie Rose. Love those oceany blue-green colors.

  2. Monica Lynn says:

    Love this post! A lot of people don’t realize how much detail, thought and creativity can go into a boutonniere!


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