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Balls And Balls Of Flowers

Feb 15, 2011

01 sonia events and jose villa photo

02n sonia events and apertura photo

03 sonia events and apertura photo

04 sonia events and apertura photo

05 sonia events and apertura photo     all images above via Sonia Events

flwrgrl ball blush floral designimage via Blush Floral Design

isari flower studio4image via Isari Flower Studio

Kelly & Scott_052 bella flora image via Bella Flora

la petite fleur11image via La Petite Fleur

LeslieDumkeStudio-1 hana floral designimage via Hana Floral Design

michelle rago5image via Michelle Rago Ltd

solomon bloemen7image via Solomon Bloemen

Kelly & Scott_093 bella floralimage via Bella Flora

solomon bloemen16image via Solomon Bloemen

thisbe4 bella floraimage via Bella Flora

Happy Tuesday!



  1. Alex says:

    Wow i’d love to make a ball out of flowers i especially love the little balls the bridesmaids are carrying

  2. Liz says:

    These are all sooooo pretty! I’m seeing brides ask for them mostly for little flower girl poms, not so much ceremony decor – But I LOVE the decor by Sonia Events!!! SO HOT!!!!

  3. I’ve never seen a hydrangea pommander – trying to figure out how you’d even insert the tiny, flexible little floret stems into foam anyhow?!

  4. Love love love fresh flower pomanders….

    To Kate: I cut hydrangea into small stems and then wire each stem before inserting into floral foam.. but I am always worried that they will wilt too quickly as it is such a thirsty flower… I guess it might be okay if I mist the whole pomander and place it in a plastic bag..


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