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Ariella Chezar – Inspired by Nature

Aug 17, 2009

If you love nature and art, you must check out Ariella Chezar. Her floral designs are a perfect marriage of the two.

23bbARIELLA One of my all time favorites…nerines and a full blown peony.


26_1bARIELLA Making an arrangement look this natural and uncontrived is actually very difficult. I can envision that vine just busting loose during the reception and slapping a guest in the face! Those are the kinds of things floral designers are always thinking about…or having bad dreams about…


28bARIELLA Scented geranium leaves, berries and garden roses…so romantic.


33bARIELLA So interesting and beautiful. Are those peas hanging down? You could actually snack on this bouquet!


35bARIELLA The colors here remind me of summer and sorbet…

For more of Ariella’s breathtaking designs, check out her website.




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