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Oct 30, 2015

Agapanthus | Alicia Jayne Floral | Sandy Foraci Photography

Alicia Jayne Florals | Sandy Foraci Photography


Agapanthus (Lily of the Nile, African Lily)

Translated: ‘Love Flower’, ‘The Flower of Love’

Color: Blue, White

Description: Large round heads of individual florets on tall (20+ in.) leafless stems.

Useful for: Adding a line element, Corsages/Halos/Boutonnieres (individual florets can be wired), Adding architectural interest and height to an arrangement

Fragrance: None

Vase Life: 4 – 7+ days

Handling: Sensitive to ethylene gas and bacteria which can cause shortened vase life and flower/bud drop. Use clean buckets for storage and keep away from ethylene gas sources. Hold flowers at room temperature for 1 –2 hours before placing in cooler or designing. Store in a 36 – 38˚ F cooler with 80 – 90% humidity.


Agapanthus |

Cut Floral Design

Agapanthus | epoch.floral

Agapanthus | epoch.floral


Agapanthus | Floral Verde

Agapanthus | Floral Verde

Agpanthus | Floral Verde

Floral Verde

Agapanthus | Bit Square

Bit Square

Agapanthus | Fiore by Lynne

Fiori by Lynne

Agapanthus | Michael George Flowers

Michael George Flowers




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