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50th Birthday Luncheon

Sep 21, 2009

When the hostess called wanting flowers for this 50th birthday luncheon, I was thrilled. Several reasons…the hostess is so much fun, the luncheon was to be held at her beautiful home, and she had once owned an event venue which meant she had quite an inventory of tableware to choose from when decorating.

She chose a palette of deep velvety crimson to complement the ivory and gold tones in her china and the Old World charm of the dining space.


Centerpieces of ‘Black Magic’ roses, ‘Black Baccara’ roses, thistle, hypericum berries, rosemary and plums were seated in oval serving dishes from the hostess’s personal fine china collection.

Montgomery (32) edit

Gold toned accessories added  formality to the luncheon.


Montgomery (7) edit

Other centerpieces were designed in vintage vases from the hostess’s personal collection and held ‘Black Baccara’ roses, upright amaranthus, hypericum berries, rosemary, thistle and a plum on top.

Montgomery (23) edit

Montgomery (28)edit

Love is in the details…


Montgomery (40) edit Each chair back held a tiny pitcher with a single ‘Black Baccara’ rose for the guest  to take home as a favor.

Montgomery (15) edit

On the way out, each lady picked up a stopper for her pitcher…

If you are looking for a deep red rose, these two varieties are my absolute favorites! ‘Black Baccara’ is slightly darker than ‘Black Magic’, but both have velvety petals. ‘Black Magic’ opens nicely to a full blown appearance. ‘Black Baccara’ has a perfect shape and stays a bit more compact.

One other note…I prefer to buy hydroponic roses from the US if given the choice. They are a bit more expensive, but worth every dime in my opinion. The time from harvest to delivery is cut down significantly when buying locally which means longer vase life and better flower quality. One of my favorite growers is Eufloria Flowers. Check out their website here.

Happy Monday! Hope your week is off to a great start…



  1. Never A Plain Jane

    September 22nd, 2009 at 8:27 am

    Remember the days when you waited for me to show up before a wedding just to see how I’d react to the roses? Yeah, I miss those days too.


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