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4 Great Products for Working Floral Designers

Oct 14, 2015

bidk home

I stumbled across this wholesale home & garden product line recently and fell in love with many of their vessels. Think European style with a modern contemporary edge…

bidk home glassware

Clockwise from top left: Glass Cylinder Sticker Frost Tall, Small Glass Votive Hand Cut Antique Silver, Large Glass Cylinder Etched Antique Silver, Glass Ribbed Cylinder Large White Wash, Glass Honeycomb Vase Large Silver, Glass Honeycomb White Wash 4×4

bidk home glassware

Clockwise from top left: Large Recycled Glass & Leather Bottle in Green, Glass Bienvenue w/ Iron Neck, Glass & Wire Antiseptic Bottle, Medium Green Glass Bottle w/ Iron Braid, Large Glass & Wire Jug

bidk home white lacquer

Clockwise from top left: C-Resin Lacquer Ribbed Vase White, C-Resin Lacquer Cylinder Vase White, C-Resin Lacquer Planter White, Large Lacquer Band Planter White

Design Love Fest

Design Love Fest has been a consistent stop for me in my “me time” over the last year. Bri Emery founded the amazing lifestyle blog and I promise it’s worth a visit. She is the mastermind behind the Design Love Fest aesthetic. I found one of my favorite screensavers through her blog and was so excited when I discovered it this week as an iPhone cover (watercolor image pictured top right)! Every floral designer should have a botanical phone cover, don’t you think?

Botanical iPhone Cases | Design Love Fest

Clockwise from top left: Leaves by Leah Goren, Lush Floral Watercolor by Julie Song Ink, Garden Rose by Kelli Murray, Spring Floral by Kelli Murray


Many of you read Emily’s ribbon dyeing tutorial on Botanical Brouhaha last year. We had a tremendous response to the post. Well, guess what? Now you can buy Emily’s ribbon on Etsy if you don’t have time to make it yourself! Not only are her products exquisite, but her images are stunning because she’s a floral designer/grower in addition to making the plant dyed ribbon by hand! Fleuropean is a dreamy world you’ll want to visit (virtually, of course).

Fleuropean Ribbon

Clockwise from top left: Something Blue Plant Dyed Vintage Lace, Hand Dyed Silk Stormy Skies, Buttercup Hand Dyed Silk, Plant Dyed Sampler Bundle: Earth

Fleuropean Ribbon

Clockwise from top left: Something Blue, Peaches and Cream, In the Nude, Chocolate

Ella Rose Farm

Nancy Teasley has created some of the most extraordinary work over the years through her floral design studio, Oak & The Owl, so you can imagine the splash she made recently with the opening of her newest endeavor, Ella Rose Farm. Nancy grows roses specifically suited for wedding and event work on her small family-run Southern California garden rose farm. The move toward growing was genius. Who better to grow roses for your wedding and event work than an accomplished floral designer with years of experience executing successful (and stunning) events? Check out the Ella Rose Farm Instagram page for more details.

Ellarose Farm

Clockwise from top left: Ginger Syllabub, Abraham Darby & William Morris, Koko Loko & Julia’s Rose, Cornelia

Ellarose Farm

Lower right corner: Lady of the Mist | Lower left corner: Koko Loko | Left middle: Distant Drums

  1. Nancy says:

    Thank you so much for this kind mention. I was surprised to find it online and it just made my day.


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