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10 Stunning Bouquets + The Nightingale Gown

Nov 2, 2016

Nightingale gown | Emily Riggs Bridal

In a post last week, we asked for your ideas on bouquet options for the ‘Nightingale’ gown by Emily Riggs and you did not disappoint! In fact, we’ll be sharing your bouquets for weeks to come. After struggling to narrow down the gorgeous choices, we’ve settled on ten bouquets we love with this amazing gown. Enjoy!

Blush & Vine | Mustard Seed Photography

Blush & Vine | Mustard Seed Photography

A stunning bouquet with green and white flowers and Tillandsia

Garden & Wild | Lucy Davenport Photography

A stunning dense and large bouquet by Mibellarosa with multi-colored flowers

Mibellarosa | Adam Houseman Photography

Sophisticated Floral

Sophisticated Floral

A sunning red and gold bouquet tied with gold ribbon

Chloris Floral

Passiflora Studio


Studio C Floral | Jaimee Morse Photography

Studio C Floral | Jaimee Morse Photography

A stunning bouquet by Nature’s Grace Design with white flowers and greenery

Nature’s Grace Design | Danielle DeFiore Photography

Love Blooms | Nicole Colwell Photography

Love Blooms | Nicole Colwell Photography

A stunning bouquet by PONK Rentals

PONK Rentals | Jana Makroczy Photography

Thanks to all who submitted bouquets. Keep watching…we have many more to share in the coming days. You all inspire us!

To see more stunning bouquets, click here!



  1. Emily says:

    These are all so stunning!! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for selecting one of our girls! All of these bouquets are stunning! I bet the narrowing it down to 10 was not easy!


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